A glance about LIIMRA.

A stop for fresh organic fruits and products. From daily coconuts to organic pulses and spices, you'll get it personalized!


What is the story all about?

It all started as an idea in a nutshell as this pandemic driven lock down period has taught us a lot in perceptions. Now we know the importance of food. Recollecting how in the past our ‘Dadis’, ‘Nanis’ and Grannies would shop for their vegetables and fruits every day being very particular about the freshness of the food they consumed. We gave this a thought and came up with the solution. Liimra, that’s when it came up just as a solution to keep the freshness and health in check. 

A bit more about our work:

Liimra is all about bringing to you, fresh organic fruits, pulses, dry fruits, spices straight from the farms at the convenience of your homes!

We deliver fresh produce on a daily basis and according to the quantity you require. There is no need to stock your fruits and veggies in the refrigerator anymore and compromising with its nutritional value. Apart from this, we also deliver the ‘Mother Nature’s sports drink’ – fresh green coconut water 🥥.
Just with a WhatsApp, Phone Call or Subscribing on this site, you can get your fresh fruits and vegetables to your doorstep in hygienic and attractive packaging .
This way, we are not only ensuring a healthy lifestyle and good community in our locality, but also helping the farmer brothers of our country!


Let's Get Connected

You can sell your farm produce with Liimra too!

With our Direct Selling, we encourage farmers to upscale their growth and make our community happier and healthy.
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